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How to learn foreign language from a flashcards



English is not my first language. So what can I do to improve my language skills?
There is some possibilities. I can learn from a books, go to a course, go to work in GB or USA. Yes, and definitely it is good.
It is also neccessary to learn some words and sentences. What is amount of remembered words sufficient to communicate? 1000? 5000? 10000?
I don’t know. There are some approaches to this issue. It is important, for sure.
So I decided to make a new habit. My new goal was to write an english words in my small personal notebook, on a daily basis.
And repeat them. Good for you Tomek! It is a good thing.
But there is an issue. This approach does not provide words memorizing for a long period of time.
You have to make repetitions. The question is, what tool can I use to help me with it.

So I took an inspiration from and download Anki.

If you click to page you can download appropriate file version to your system (Windows, Linux, Mac or even Android and iOS).

First move was to download some of prepared popular decks from  Database has more than 6000.
My choices were:

  • 500 English words(with pictures and audio)
  • beet_gr_murphy_blue
  • [guciek] English – Idioms and Phrases in Sentences
  • SuperMemo Advanced English 97
  • Passwort Deutsch PL-DE Dariusz Swoboda.



App has some features like integration with AnkiWeb version, integration with dictionaries and more.
I will not go throught this topics. You can read more about them on the project’s website.
Essential to me was the question, is this app will guarantee to remember efficiently.

Application show you a word you should recall.


If it is hard, press the button to show you the word/sentence again in a minutes.

If it is easy to recall, check this word as a word to repeat in a days.

I think it is simple. And effective.

There is a possiblity to see some statistics also.



Mayby Anki is not a perfect app, but I think it’s quite suitable for my purposes of language learning.

So I encourage you to learn foreign languages and to find a tool that will fit you.
You can try Anki. I you’ll find a better one, share the words in a comment.




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